About The Founder – Millard Arterberry

I had the incredible blessing of being born and living most of my life in San Diego, California. My path to architecture was not a straight one though.

I was always a free spirit, and this along with a lot of irresponsibility contributed to my dropping out of high school my senior year to learn about life on my own terms. Strangely enough this eventually led me to a farm my father’s family owned in a tiny traditionally black town in eastern Oklahoma. During my six months there I did some of the hardest work I had ever faced in hot hay fields. I learned a lot of things there, maybe most importantly that I needed to figure out a way to way to make money with my mind. When I learned that my grandfather had built most of the homes in this little town, I was inspired to study architecture.

Om my 21st birthday I returned to San Diego , where I got my GED and enrolled in a junior college with an excellent architectural program and a matriculation agreement with UC Berkeley. I transferred to Berkeley in 1993, and from there had two amazing years studying architecture. I studied an interned under Christopher Alexander, author of A Pattern Language. His groundbreaking work on the nature of order and beauty completely revolutionized my concept of design.

I was fortunate enough to graduate with honors in 1995, and after a year of construction experience I spent 9 years in architectural firms learning the nuts and bolts of the business, working primarily on residential projects of all types and sizes. I had little opportunity to design though, so in 2007, soon after obtaining my LEED accreditation, I entered a sustainable home design competition sponsored by the city of Henderson, Nevada. After years of hardly designing anything it was fantastic to have a creative opportunity, and my design won first place overall.

After this I was determined to start my own firm, which I did, but my timing could not have been worse. It was 2008, and after finding very clients I had to look for work in an industry that was devastated by the global recession. The next five year were a constant struggle to stay busy, manage multiple downsizings and put a roof over my family’s head. My story is similar to many people reading this, and I don’t have to tell you how challenging those years were.

Somehow I kept it together enough interview for a position in a small firm in Sausalito. I got the job, and relocated to this little town that I knew almost nothing about, even though I had gone to school just across the bay. What a beautiful place! Marin County is truly God’s Country. Living and working in Sausalito has been another blessing in a life full of them.

Within a year I had become the chief designer of the firm and was able to work on some great projects and meet a lot of great people in the building industry here in Marin. After four prosperous years I made the decision to once again open my own firm. I am now committed to using my experience and skill to give my clients the most beautiful and usable home possible.

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Picture of Millard and Tisha Arterberry

My muse is my wife, who has inspired me and pushed me and, as an architect’s daughter, provided a sounding board for me for 24 years. This firm is not possible without her incredible support.