What we do is simple – we design dream homes. Our firm offers comprehensive home design service, from pre-design through construction administration and your housewarming party. Our office uses the interactive 3D CAD software to enable our clients visualize their new home throughout the design process.

Low Cost Project Feasibility Assessment

Every project has a learning curve, and at the beginning of a project the huge amount of unknowns can be daunting. Purity provides a low cost feasibility study to help our clients develop reasonable expectations for the scope and cost of a project. This service package includes:

  • Project Budgeting
  • Full Zoning Code Analysis
  • Site Analysis

Full Service Home Design Package

Predesign – Before any design work takes places, a significant amount of due diligence is required to determine your wants and needs, and what is possible on a given site. Pre-design tasks include, but are not limited to, careful programming, budgeting, completing a survey and documenting existing conditions as required, and a thorough code analysis.

Schematic Design – Based on what is learned in pre-design we can create a three dimensional model of your dream home. At this stage the design has only limited detail. This allows for the flexibility needed for the home to develop adaptively and organically.

Design Development – This phase takes the project to a level where it can be submitted to the local planning department. During this stage we start to involve our various consultants as required. We also have the option of retaining a contractor for pre-construction services, which includes estimating and a preliminary construction management plan. The contractor can be secured for construction service during this phase as well.

Planning Approval – Depending on the jurisdiction planning approval can be involved process requiring hearings before a planning commission. Our services include preparation of all presentation material and documents necessary to obtain an entitlement from the planning department.

Building Set – Once the project is approved by planning, we move to preparing the drawing set that will be reviewed by the Building Department. This set will include structural drawings as well as all notations and details required by the California Building Code.

Building Approval – The Building Set reviewed by multiple disciplines to ensure compliance with the code. The process typically involves submission, then plan check corrections back from the jurisdiction. Corrected plans are then resubmitted for final approval and issuance of a building permit.

Construction Set – The construction set is the approval building set with the addition of any details and additional drawings required by the contractor for construction. During this phase the interior design is typically developed further.

Construction Administration – During construction our office is available to answer any questions from the contractor, and coordinate any design updates or revisions.

Permaculture Site Design

Developed in the 1970’s by Bill Mollison, Permaculture is an absolute paradigm shifting holistic design system that is the ultimate in true sustainability.

Permaculture works with natural systems to create homes and landscapes the are not just efficient, they are productive! Any site – urban, suburban, rural – can be positively transformed with permaculture.

Feel free to contact us to learn more.